Brownsville TX On our last full day in Brownsville, we jumped into the truck and headed forBrownsville TX the Mexican bridge next to Fort Brown. We stopped to enjoy the resaca next to the Fort which is actually Texas University's South most Collage. A resaca is a somewhat recent invention created after the last major flooding in Brownsville. It is a small dug out area which is filled with water. It is emptied just before hurricanes and large storms so that it will catch the water run off and prevent flooding.

 From the resaca we drove around the corner to a secure parking lot, left the truck and walked the two blocks to the pedestrian bridge over the Rio Grande and into Matamoros Mexico. The price was 25 cents. Brownsville TX We walked over to the most popular spot within a mile of the bridge. Garcia's. ThisBrownsville TX large department store with pharmacy and restaurant is the Yankee shopping and meeting place. Choosing not to take the standard way, we hopped a mini-bus and rode down to the market.  We had been warned that this area was heavily inundated with pickpockets, purse snachers and beggars, but we found little threat and only a couple of very well dressed, polite little children who periodically would stop and ask for money. Laura, who was enjoying the beginning of a chocolate covered frozen banana was an easy victim as a charming youngster with big brown eyes and a twinkling smile talked her out of it, last being seen running through the plaza with his newly acquired delight.

*** THE END ***

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