Camp Meade

U.S. Rt. 2 - Exit 9, I-89

Middlesex, Vt.

Open May 1 to Oct 31

August 29, 1999

Anytime we stay somewhere I start looking at local papers, brochures, etc. to see what I can find that might make an interesting story. One day I was looking through a booklet on the area (in and around Montpelier, VT) and saw that there was a place not too far away that featured a Sunday breakfast buffet. It listed the name as Camp Meade a former CCC camp. Since we had been talking about CCC camps (Civilian Conservation Corp) the previous day I thought it might be interesting. So, bright and early Sunday morning we were off in search of food for the stomach and food for our website (hopefully). As we approached we saw a large sign out front that indicated we had arrived. The food was plentiful and very good. The restaurant was decorated with WWII posters and played music from that same era. Nostalgic for some, curious for others. Located to the rear of the restaurant were the motel buildings. Each building had a U.S. Military Commander's name. Located around the grounds were various pieces of military equipment.

I understand that when you stay at the motel, reveille sounds at 0800 hrs. The restaurant is open for cafeteria-style breakfast during the week and buffet-style on the weekends for guests as well as anyone passing by. After eating we talked with the cashier, who turned out to be the owners' daughter, Diane Perreault. She explained that she and her sister, Lori LaCroix (also the egg chef) assist their parents in the running of the business. (Lori's on the left, Diane on the right) The business includes a breakfast restaurant, a small motel, and the Camp Mead Museum and shop. Their parents, Gus and Clara Gosselin bought the place in 1984 when it was just a motel. Once again, we located someone who had wrested a piece of our history from the gaping maw of oblivion. Originally it was a image-04CCC camp but the only part of the original camp that still exists is a stone chimney at the back of the property. Mr & Mrs. Gosselin were already well on their way to collecting WWII memorabilia when they bought the motel and decided to make use of the camp to showcase their collection. For me, growing up as a small child during WWII, the things I remembered the most were the pictures of the soldiers overseas. And, as an adult watching the old war movies, seeing the killing and the terrible things the soldiers went through. What we sometimes forget are the hardships that preceded the war. The terrible depression that rendered hundreds of thousands of average, hardworking Americans not only jobless but homeless. It was as a result of "The Great Depression" that FDR (Franklin D. Roosevelt) started many work programs, which included the CCC, WPA, and others. The Camp Meade Museum not only has war memorabilia but deals with the civilian issues, as well. The murals on the walls (shown here) were painted by a local mother and son team of Neysha Rossi and Renato Gomez. They did a fantastic job! Something that impressed me about the museum was its sensitivity to issues that were dealt with during WWII.

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