Land of Mountain and Sea

Corner Brook, Newfoundland

August 31st, 2001

One day we set out of Corner Brook, Newfoundland, to just drive down the country roads and see the land as it passed before us. Newfoundland is a land of mountains. It is the end of the Allegheny Mountains which run under the sea from Nova Scotia on their way to the end above water. This makes the land steep and rugged, with great jutting peninsulas running out into the ocean. The roads are not all twisting and turning. Some actually run for quite a way along the water's edge before disappearing behind the hills. There are no big cities in Newfoundland, actually there is only one reasonable size city on the entire Island, Saint John. It is a 14 hour boat trip from Nova Scotia to St. John. The industry of prevalence on the Island is fishing, chasing the elusive cod. The shoreline all around the Island is dotted with small fishing villages. The boats are not big and most are showing their age. Still, it is the way of life that keeps the Island functioning. We found the people hard working and fun loving with a flare for music that was always just around the corner, ready to break out and entertain us. Still the Island is quiet, and at times lonely appearing, in its majestic settings. Quiet walks along jagged coastlines seemed always to be beckoning for my attention. It could be a place of stillness where refection seemed warranted, or loud and boisterous with the call of life that abounded at the water's edge. If you're into the nature scene, or desire to sit on a mountain top or beside the sea, this is a wonderful place to visit.

*** THE END ***