Mt. Robson

 British Columbia

June25th, 2002

June 25th, 2002
Mount Robson, British Columbia

As we had spent time in Calgary in past visits to Alberta, we just rested up and avoided the traffic created by the G8 meeting which was going on.  We were soon on our way to the Canadian Rockies and through the cities of Banff and Jasper. Having driven long enough I elected to take a break. We were at the foot of Mount Robson, the tallest mountain in Canada at 3954 meters or for us Yankees, 12,850 feet. This is quite a place to sit and wonder at the power of nature. I took the camera and wandered out into a field of wildflowers, laid down, and with the bottom of the lens just catching the colorful bouquet bordered by giant spruce trees leading to the hills in front of the most gigantic of all mountains in the area. Snow capped and magnificent it stood, as if mocking the puny attempts at greatness offered by those in attendance. Who knows how long I would have stayed there, had it not been for that large ugly diesel bus belching out its obnoxious black smoke, as it dumped its herd of senior citizens out on the road behind me. Oblivious to their surroundings they, in unison, stepped out into the road, raised their cameras and video-recorders without regards to traffic, bringing RVs and cars alike to a sudden halt. Here these vehicles sat, pinned by the masses until such time as the last picture was taken. It was enough for me. Time to pack up and hit the road. Well the road took me about 100 yards around the corner from the information center to a RV park which offered water only. Now, please understand, we don't boondock! We have a single battery and no way to generate power other than by plugging in the truck. For this trip I had replaced the old dying battery with a new 148 amp hour one which I picked up at, where else, Wal-mart. As I understand it, that will allow me to run a one amp light for 148 hours or any combination equaling that amount. As it turned out, that was more than enough to get through the night, understanding that it wasn't a good test, as we didn't need the furnace. Anyway, we have abandoned our original idea of buying a gas generator to supplement electric power, and will travel the wilds of Alaska on only one battery. For now it is on to Prince George.

***THE END ***