Hotel Del Coronado
An Island in San Diego Bay

Coronado, CA

January 14th, 2003

As we continued our adventures in San Diego CA, we could not pass up an opportunity to visit one of the city's most celebrated landmarks. Down by the sea is an island in the Bay.  Such locations are often the center of the rich and famous among the local populace.  Anybody visiting this delightful city should put this island on their tour destination. Beautiful lanes along the ocean side hosted magnificent houses which displayed beautiful porches and lawns. It was the picture of opulence. The pretty side of the city.  We strolled down the shaded streets and checked out all the beautiful houses on our way to the attraction that had brought us to this Island.  The Hotel Del Coronado is the center piece for this community.  Built in 1887, this wooden structure spans decades of service to the rich and famous.  Celebrities and socialites were attracted to the area as an alternative to the Los Angeles area attractions. Political gatherings utilized its spacious rooms and wonderful accommodations while movie companies sought its facilities to produce several great films. The sprawling complex is easily identified by the spiral room which stands tall at one end.  There is every amenity imaginable available to those who would take part of the hospitality offered within.  Tennis courts, swimming pools and saunas.  And then there are the people, young, old and all those in-between. Sitting on deck chairs, and around the pool, looking like they didn't have a care in the world.   We had stopped in for a bite to eat and to look about.  While wandering the halls, absorbing the atmosphere, I came across the haunting photographs of a very pretty young woman, obviously taken many years ago. After some inquiries and an interview with one of the staff we learned that the photographs were of the local celebrity resident ghost.  We were told that ghostly appearances have been occurring for many years and all seem to revolve around this mysterious lady.  Her relationship with the hotel started on November 24, 1892, when she checked in alone on Thanksgiving eve, under the name of Lottie A. Bernard, giving an address in Detroit. Those who spoke with her would later report that she appeared ill and very unhappy. She remained at the hotel for 5 days.  Her beautiful and shapely body was often seen moving slowly down hallways and through corridors, always appearing sad and lonely.  She had told some of those she met that she was waiting for her brother.  Five days later, her body was found slumped over an exterior staircase leading to the beach.  She had died from a single gun shot to the head.  An investigation was launched immediately. Her room was searched only to reveal that there was nothing to identify her. The only other reference found was a nickname of "Kate" which she had left at the calling desk. Eventually investigators sent sketches of the beautiful woman to Detroit and then all over the nation in an attempt to identify her. Finally, information was gained and it was determined that the mysterious beauty was actually Kate Morgan from Iowa, and the wife of Tom Morgan.  Reportedly Tom was a gambler who made his living dealing on trains. They were even able to track down an eyewitness that had seen Kate in a fight with a man who was thought to have been Tom.  Tom reportedly got off the train before it arrived in San Diego.  Her death was ruled a suicide. She now haunts the hotel in the form of lights that come on without warning, changes in the temperature of certain rooms, and the sound of footsteps in the halls when there is no one there.

**** THE END ****