Hi-Lo Trailers

Camelot Campground

Malabar, FL

Nov 26-29, 1999

As we were driving around our campground Friday I noticed that there was a large group of "different" looking trailers. Since we have been camping I have seen quite a selection of pop-ups, trailers, fifth-wheels, and motor-homes, but I had never seen anything quite like these. They started out looking like a pop-up, but when they finished putting them up, they looked pretty much like the average trailer or fifth-wheel. Since I was so intrigued by them, I thought maybe other people might like to know more about these Hi-Lo Trailers. Bob & I stopped by and talked with the folks who were there and asked if we could get some pictures. They said yes, but we got delayed a couple of days and by the time we had a chance to stop by, there were only 2 trailers left. The trailers belonged to: Mike & Joan Sharpe, from Seminole Florida and Cliff and Virginia Miner from Palm Harbor. They were very patient with our questions about their Hi-Lo Trailers. We found out that the actual brand Hi-Lo is manufactured in Butler Ohio, although there are starting to be other manufacturers that make a Hi-Lo type trailer. Also, depending on your preference they are available as either trailers or fifth-wheels. The group that was staying in our park were the Florida Hi-Lofers out of Largo Florida. This group has several get-togethers a year, plus there is a national get-togethers for Hi-Lo'ers from all over the country. Their groups are just like anyother groups you might see and get together for the camaraderie of their fellow Hi-Lo owners plus, I am sure, to compare what new innovations they have found or made for their trailers. Joan Sharpe has got to be one of the most inventive and organized people I have ever met. She took me through her trailer and showed me several shelves that she had come up with for lamps, plus several storage units that she placed in areas that were formerly unused space. As most of us trailer owners know, utilizing your space to the utmost is vital. As I saw it Hi-Lo's have some good and some bad points. The good point is, they tow much the same as a pop-up might. However, in the event of marauding bears and/or other creatures of nature, unlike most pop-ups, this doesn't have soft sides. The bad point that I saw was everything in the trailer had to be cleared below a certain level so the top could come down without performing a squishing action on the items. I'm not certain how well a shortened coffee maker would work. Mike & Joan were gracious enough to let us take pictures while they got their trailer ready for travel. All in all their take-down went very smoothly. I was very impressed.

If you have a Hi-lo and are interested in finding out more about a chapter in your area you can write to: Betty King, 2764 No. 48th St., Omaha, Nebraska 68104. Or if you're interested in finding out more about the Hi-lo trailer itself check out the website at: http://www.hilotrailer.com .

*** THE END ***

Good Luck! Have Fun! and Stay Safe!


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