a 2003 Liberty Sport

by Jeep

Purchased November, 2004

After we purchased our motorhome we had to buy a smaller vehicle that we could tow behind it. The idea of towing a 21ft Dodge truck just seemed like it could be a little much. We originally looked at some we saw on the Internet from private owners. The problem with that was not only the idea of "buyer beware", but also the concept of having to transfer the title and getting the registration and tags. We finally decided to find a used car dealer to get a vehicle and "we hoped" a good deal. After we had looked around several dealers IMr. Gorilla w/banana found the Jeep Liberty and fell in love. Since we wanted an automatic shift, Bob did his homework and found out that we could only tow a 4 wheel drive vehicle not a two wheel drive Jeep. After looking at several dealers we found a 2003 with mileage we liked and a good price. The salesman was great and was able to help us at every turn. They did offer an extended warranty but we decided not to get it. The mileage was 33,000 and Jeep has full coverage up to 36,000. Every time I have a vehicle I always like to get a "mascot" for it in the form of a stuffed animal. So, I decided that our Jeep needed to have a mascot. The Jeep is black with dark grey trim on over the wheels. I looked on the Internet and found a really cute Black Gorilla. He had a red kiss on his cheek and white "tuxedo-type" cuffs. Unfortunately my timing was a bit off and the Gorilla came in before we were able to take delivery of the Jeep. On the day we went to pick up the Jeep I went into the dealership with Mr. Gorilla tucked under my arm. I went up to our salesman and asked him "Is our Jeep ready yet?" They gave me a rather strange look but the assured me that they would have the Jeep ready shortly. I noticed that several people came from back offices to check on "the gorilla lady". I think Bob was off hiding somewhere. Hmmm, not sure why (ha-ha). Anyway, Bob, Gorilla Guy and I got into our Jeep and headed back out to the RV park with Bob following in the old Dodge Truck. After we got the Jeep settled in we hooked the truck up to the fifth wheel and took them into the RV dealership to turn them in. Although I hated to part with my "old buddy truck",  I was looking forward to getting to know our new Jeep. 

Good Luck! Have Fun! and Stay Safe!


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