The Buffalo Bill Ranch

Scout's Rest

North Platte NE

October 22, 1998

As had happened Map namein the past, we decided to find a place to stop for the nightcody-01 after traveling for a day, coming out of Wyoming, heading back to Cincinnati. We had stayed in Lincoln and had a planned stop near Omaha. We just needed a night's sleep before moving on. So it was that we stopped in North Platte. After dinner out, we grabbed some brochures from a local stand and perused the contents for anything of interest. This was the beginning of our introduction tocody-02 the life and times of William "Buffalo Bill" Cody and the Scout's Rest Ranch. We drove out to this white-framed house off US 30 (Rodeo Road) to see what was there. As we stepped through the front  door we werecody-05 met by the first of many impressions of this famous man. The full size mannequin of what he must have looked like as he lead his team of actors and presenters into the ring of the Wild West show he created. His trusted Winchester rifle in hand, he made a striking figure to behold. As we reviewed the many photographs and memorabilia of this historic figure, it became obvious that he was, in fact, one of the great American adventurers. From his early days in the armycody-04 where he served as a scout, to the days on stage and finally with his creation of the "Wild West" show, Buffalo Bill Cody was a showman and performer in every sense. Born in 1846,  he was working by age ll. By the age of 14 he was setting records for long distance rides with the Pony Express. Once he rode 322 miles in just under 22 hours, exhausting 20 horses. He joined the Kansas Volunteer Infantry where he served until the end of the Civil War. In 1866 he married Louisa Frederici and they had two children. He returned to government service, working as a scout at Fort Elsworth. 

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