An "S"  Bridge

A Strange Shape

Zanesville, OH

July 10th, 2005

The west central Ohio town of Zanesville has many interesting things to see.  Rarely do we write three stories in a town of such size.  While riding around just looking at things we came across this most fascinating bridge.  Since we had just done a story on the famous Zanesville "Y" Bridge, it seemed appropriate to check out a second bridge which seemed to me to be every bit as interesting.  According to the information post, located at one end of the bridge,  in order to cross an oblique stream, with the least amount of effort and material, it was common to build a bridge in an "S" shape.  At one time there were many such bridges but most of them are long since gone.  The few remaining, were built with well-cut stone and high quality mortar resulting in the bridge across Fox Creek lasting since it was built in 1830.  It is located along the National  Road, now known as US 40. The National road was completed in 1828, and ran from Cumberland Md. to Vandalia Ill.  It opened up the West with a route through Ohio. Almost all of the old road was consumed in the building of US 40.  This little piece remains.