Riverfront Park
On the Banks of the Spokane River

Spokane, WA

August 9th, 2006

As we travel, I have marveled at the extent, towns and cities go to in their effort to attract the tourist.  Spokane is no exception.  Of the many things the city has accomplished, which include expos and world fairs, the creation of Riverfront Park is one of the best loved by locals and a fun spot for visitors.  Made up of about 100 acres on two islands in the middle of the Spokane river, it contains something for everyone.  We found ourselves with a free afternoon and so we decided to visit the park to see the sights.  We parked on the street right in front of the rubber-wheeled trolley train.  For a few dollars we hopped aboard and took the ride around the park.  The train crept along with the small cars in tow, frequently stopping to pick up or let off passengers.  Riders can get off and on as they wish.  It took around half an hour to complete the round trip and now armed with the knowledge of what was there, it was time to go adventuring.  We decided to skip two of the three main attractions, The IMAX theater and the Ice rink.  The oldest attraction has been there for centuries:

the Spokane River falls which can be seen from one end of the park is an old gathering place for the Indians who fished here. A long time favorite is to walk across the foot bridge over the falls.  This can be especially exciting during the high waters of the spring.  The park is ringed by a wide sidewalk which is suitable for walkers and joggers.  Having rested for a while on the train, it was time for me to get a little exercise. Not wishing to be shown up by other runners, I picked a group of joggers who I felt I could keep up with.  As it turned out I was actually able to pass several of them.  The metal sculptures depict runners of all kinds. It celebrates the Spokane tradition of Bloomsday, Spokane's annual foot race.  There are even 2 joggers in wheelchairs.  After that strenuous effort, it was time for another rest.  But not just any rest, one in a beautiful place where good feelings abound. This was found in a pair of frolicking butterflies who took a liking to Laura as she sat next to the flowers that adorned the walkway.  The clock tower in the back is the last remaining part of the old 1902 train depot which once occupied the surrounding lands.