Couch's RV center Well, we did it! After looking through hundreds of trailers in KY, OH, and IN, we finally found the exact match, with all the little amenities we were interested in. And of all the places, right in our own back yard. Couch's RV center in Hamilton, where we had met Jeff Couch some time earlier during our search. the Corsica by Forest River Jeff was interested in the Internet and after showing us all the new trailers he had, the conversation had moved over to computers and the Internet. Not having found a trailer that, as my wife Laura often said, "Talked to us", we moved on to other dealers around the tri-states in our ever widening search for that perfect vehicle. the Corsica by Forest River Upon our return we again perused the new items, with Bryan, Jeff's chief salesman, and then on almost a whim he offered to show us a new trade-in he had just received. I will admit that upon approach, my first impression was less then favorable, but once inside it did seem to talk to us. the Corsica by Forest River Built by Forest River , who are better known by their previous name of Cobra, this 1995 Corsica is 31 feet long and equipped with all the amenities we will ever want. As we stepped through the door, I first noticed a new chair to my left next to the TV stand, with its sales tag still hanging from the top cushion. the Corsica by Forest River Above the chair was a built in stereo system, with side speakers. To the outside of the speakers were two cabinets. The doors to the cabinets were a designer glass. This theme would follow throughout the trailer, with all the panels accounted for. the Corsica by Forest River Moving toward the rear of the trailer, on the left just behind the chair is the refrigerator and top freezer followed by the stove, which turned out to be a 4 burner stove instead of the traditional three the Corsica by Forest River burner type. A microwave oven with built-in turntable hangs above the stove. The kitchen takes up the entire rear of the trailer, a double porcelain sink covered by two thick oak covers, and surrounded by oak cabinets  The dining room table is slightly longer then average, and made of solid oak. We preferred the oak chairs rather then the benches seen in many trailers. It does require one to tie them down before trailering where as benches are usually bolted down. This occupies half of the 14 foot superslide. 

 Thethe Corsica by Forest River forward half of the superslide holds the the double recliner which is the couch. This would be directly across from the chair and TV stand. The slide is hydraulic with both an inside and an outside switch.  On the bow end of the couch the Corsica by Forest River is a beautiful full standing oak cabinet. Many other trailers used this area to build an entertainment center. We actually like the cabinet better. Over head is the best amenity in the entire trailer. A ceiling fan.  Walking forward up the stairs and into the bathroom area, there is yet another full-size oak closet with glass doors on the starboard side. The glass doors are mirrors. The entire bathroom is on the port side. This is where Forest River sacrificed space. The space for the cabinet next to the couch was taken from the toilet. This area makes an airplane look like a lounge. Yet there is room for a large garden tub and shower. The bathroom sink stands just forward of the closet.  The final place of this circumnavigation walk through this trailer is the bedroom, The fthe Corsica by Forest Riverorward most point , laying over the hitch. A queen size bed which lifts up through hydraulic hinges for storage. Cabinets over head and on both sides. All and all, a pretty good place to spend some time away from home. Now, having acquired the final element on our long range plan, it was time to test the "rig". Laura downed her finest courage and seizing the wheel of our new Dodge truck with trailer in tow, departed for Huston woods, with me right behind her in my car. We had acquired FM head set transmitters the Corsica by Forest River so as she drove north on Colerain Ave., we could talk to each other. We arrived at the camp site after dark in a rain storm. Having slept our fist night in the WOODS,  Laura found some firefighters on the next camp site, and while she talked with them, I built the first camp fire I had built in 20 years and over this open fire, cooked the first two sirloin steaks I had ever cooked in such a manner. The steaks, having cooked, and her conversation completed, we retired to our humble abode for our meager sustenance of hickory smoked steak and champagne, in this desolate and forbidden land. 

*** The End ***