DODGE 3/4 Ton RAM 2500 10 cylinder

Bought in Logensport, IN. July 23, 1997
Having hunted all over three states for the exact vehicle we wanted, we were getting pretty tired of looking at trucks and talking to salesmen, who we found for the most part, do live up to their reputation  
We had originally believed that we would need a six wheel vehicle, called a "dually" to be able to pull the side trailer we intended to get. For 3 months we test drove and priced these behemoths of the road, becoming more and more disillusioned by the size. Specifically their height off the ground. You virtually need a step-ladder to get into them.
So several weeks ago, while talking with knowledgeable friends, it was suggested that we get a 3/4 ton truck with the same engine that the 1 ton had. After checking into this we decided that it was a better way to go.
By this time, Dodge had quit making vehicles for the year and was retooling for the '98 models. Laura used her superb communications skills on a salesman in Williamstown, KY, to find out that there were only a few left within 500 miles and one was to arrive in several days at Kings Auto Mall just north of Cincinnati
Within days, the reportedly white truck arrived at Kings Auto Mall and Thursday we made arrangements to meet with one of the salesmen there who we had talked with earlier. As we arrived, we could see him standing at the entrance to the building, with his hands on his hips, his head down and shaking slowly from side to side in a negative expression. The answer was obvious, They had sold the truck to someone else just prior to our arrival.
By now it was late afternoon. Alex, the salesman was obviously disappointed as he was not the one who sold the truck. Laura did an unprecedented move, and conned Alex into calling Logensport In, who reportedly had the last truck within the multi-state reporting area. Laura had called earlier in the week, and talked with Mike Collins, and fortunately he was in.
Logensport IN, is 164 miles northwest of Cincinnati, just beyond "Kokomo" so there was no way to get there by closing time tonight. Laura already had my starting bid price, and I could hear the figures going back and forth over the phone, as Alex and I stood looking at each other, saying nothing. What was there to say, He didn't have a truck.
Suddenly she stuck her head out the door, and asked, "Is $600 over beginning bid acceptable?" I had to think for a second to be sure I had heard her correctly. The whole process had taken less then 5 minutes. I said "Sure!" and she walked out smiling as she commented, "We're going to Logensport." The expression on Alex face never changed as we bade him goodbye and walked out the door.

The ride into northern Indiana was long and uneventful. Often I found myself thinking, "Should I have held out longer for a better price?", but this was pointless. The deal was done and a great deal it was, by all the checks and balances I could muster. Laura was undaunted by the fact that we would not arrive until nearly 10:00 their time. And sure enough, Mike was waiting for us when we pulled in. I checked all the paperwork over carefully and everything was in order. I wrote the check and bang! it was done. Laura drove it home. We pulled in just after 3:00. All in all a very interesting day. As a final note, we installed a 5th wheel hitch in the bed.

 ***THE END***