Wonder Works
9067 International Dr.

Orlando, FL

February 9, 2002

Sometimes when we stay in an area I like to do something that's just kind of crazy and fun. While driving over Orlando's International Drive (which is definitely a way of saying entertainment central) I spotted a really crazy looking building. It was called Wonder Works and the building was built as though it had been overturned in some horrific storm and was now standing on its top. I think what got me the most was their advertisement that they had interactive exhibits. Even though I have reached my "golden years" there is still a part of me that, like a child, likes to go somewhere that I can operate the machinery and touch things. Well this certainly promised to be that. In cases like this, Bob either goes (reluctantly at times) or I drag him along. I mean, after all, one of us has to be THE ADULT, right? As we approached the main entrance what appeared to be steam was coming up out of the ground all around the door. It made an interesting start to this adventure. Their advertising read: "Wonder Works - Journey into the unknown" - The building, a research laboratory from an uncharted island in the Bermuda Triangle, has landed in Orlando, Florida, upside down and completely intact. It was carried hundreds of miles by a giant tornado. The swirling vortex was created by some of the world's greatest scientists who studies and experimented at this top-secret, highly advanced facility called Wonder Works. Wow! who could resist?
One area they had was called the Physical Challenge Arena. In it you can test your skills and find out what you're really made of. Scale a virtual cliff, go one on one with a virtual basketball player and win! and Swim with sharks. Physical huh? Hummmm, maybe I can find a mental challenge somewhere. Next they had a bridge of fire. In this you had to put your hands on a mental cylinder while 250,000 watts (notice I said watts not volts) of electricity
make your hair stand on end. I tried this one. You had to grab that thing really quick and then VOILA! new hairdo. Think it's the real me? They had a large keyboard that you could dance across and create music. In another area they had a Hurricane Hole where you could experience storm force winds. I went in, Bob took pictures. How about the special effects on this one? Double your fun? Bob said something about double-trouble but I ignored him. They also had some virtual reality pilot games you stood into with a helmet on your head. Unfortunately, I have a real problem with motion sickness and those virtual reality get too close to the real thing for my comfort. They had large vats of bubble stuff that the kids could use with very large wands and make Big bubbles. The kids and I (along with a bunch of other adults) had a great time. If you ever get to Orlando be sure and put this one on your list. To check their location and hours check out their website at: http://www.wonderworksonline.com.

Good Luck! Have Fun! and Stay Safe!