A Spider Web Farm

Spider Farm Road off US 14.

Williamstown, VT

August 3rd, 1999

We Map nameget to see a lot of stuff along the road as we travel across thisimage-07 great land and Laura has often said we should do a story on the unusual road signs we see. I thought we had seen just about every "xing" sign there could possibly be, until we came to the end of Spider Web Farm Road, and met possibly the oldest living Web Master in the world. Will Knight, and Terry, his wife of 42 years, collect spider webs. At 73, Will is slight of stature, but long on knowledge of the world, and of spiders, specifically the tiny orb-weavers called Arancidae. In a seasoned barn and several outbuildings, he and his wife collect spider webs, spun on specially designed frames, and turn them image-01 into works of art. It all started 23 years ago, image-02 back in Brooklyn NY where Will worked in real estate and hobbied in wood. He and Terry decided New York was not the place to raise their kids so they packed up and moved to Vermont. Will explained that Terry was not at home right now, but readily gave her all the credit for discovering and inventing the web collection process.

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