a 32 foot Sierra

by Forest River.

Bought May, 1998

Sierra I found myself sitting on the couch staring at the TV. It has been several months since the disaster in Texas We had returned to Texas and picked up the newly repaired truck. It ran fine. It even had a trailer hitch mounted in the exact place that the last one was. It looked as good as new. I wasn't sure I was that good myself. I had done a lot of soul Sierrasearching about my life on the road and if I really could handle the challenge. I was still taking responsibility for the accident and the consequences of it. It was Laura, who had pulled my mentally destroyed body out of Texas in the first place; who now began to gently nudge me toward the door with only vague knowledge that we might stop at an RV store along the way to dinner to look Sierra over some models. It was just so, on a warm May evening, that we started looking for our next trailer. The course took us back to Jeff Couch's where we had acquired our first trailer. We wandered here and there looking at several models that caught our eye. Finally after the obligatory arguing with Jeff and Jerry, we settled on what we wanted. A 30 ft, 5th wheel (it measured 32 with a tape) Sierra Sierra by Forest River. Brand new, the selling element, for me anyway, was the huge back window with two chairs and a table that would hold the lap top. What a place to write a story. Made of fiberglass and weighing out at just under 9000 GVWR, it was quite similar to our pervious one. Besides that, the price was right. The inside was very Sierra light. The windows were covered with mini blinds. The little table between the chairs opened up with sufficient storage to hold all the computer equipment excluding the printer. The usual starboard side door opened up across from the fold down couch which was of a quality below what we would accept. We ended up throwing it away, and taking the twin recliner loveseat out of the house and moving it into the trailer

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