Sierra The color balance was surprisingly close. We found out with our first trailer, it was very important to be comfortable. With the recliner in the relaxed position, we could see right out the screen door and didn't have to get up when visitors came by. The slide, which the loveseat sits on, extends 14 feet along the port side. It's run by hydraulics with switches on both the inside and outside, plus a hand crank for pulling it in if power is lost. The kitchen is in the middle on the starboard Sierra side. Our last trailer had the kitchen in the back with little windows that did nothing to enhance the interior. The side kitchen is definitely an improvement. The cabinets overhead have nice wood panels instead of the designer glass insert panels that appear elsewhere. There is good cabinet space for the kitchen. The space on both sides of the sink allow for both Laura and I to work on supper at the same time. A feat that we have perfected over the years. There is a microwave over the three burner gas stove which Sierra has an electric spark. All the conveniences of home. The refrigerator is a standard electric/gas converter. No 12 Volt. The freezer is on top and is small but sure can put out the ice. Down the hall, the bathroom sink is separate from the bathroom, a delight for families, with closets on either side The toilet and shower are across the hall. The bedroom is a single step up to adjust for the raised front of the 5th wheel. The queen-size bed is 5 inches short of an normal queen size but more then long enough for us. The mattress Sierra would turn out to be inferior for our needs and would end up being replaced by one we had made at a local mattress factory. Little reading lights are attached to the side walls which puts out enough light for one person without unduly bothering a sleeper on the other side. There is an extra closet at the foot of the bed on the port side that makes getting by somewhat difficult but we are grateful for the extra storage. Coming back to Sierra the main living area, across from the stove and forward of the loveseat sits the dining room table. We had tried the bench type but the chairs served another purpose when guests came over and we pulled the table into the middle of the floor and sat all the way around for a round of cards. CD player and TV bay rounded out the attributes. An interesting note: We contacted Forest River in Goshen Indiana and tried to set up a tour so that we could complete the story. To our surprise, we were told by their promotion department that we could go through the plant, but to leave the camera behind. Even after we explained our intention and offered to allow them to see the article before publishing it, the answer was a firm No. It did make us wonder what went into the making of this trailer. So far so good, but the jury is still out.  

* * * THE END * * *

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